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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kacy turned 8 and was BAPTIZED!

Ryan and Kacy
The motley crew: our family. Cherie made Kacy's dress, and Kacy loves it. 

Kacy was baptized June 04. Just about the whole family came: Grandma and grandpa Bunting, grandma and grandpa Sorensen (the grandmas prayed and the grandpas spoke on baptism and the Holy Ghost), cousin Caley sang a solo "Baptism", accompanied by cousin April, who played the piano the entire time. Kristin, granny M, granny S, uncle Dandy and aunt Nita (Randy and Anita), cousin Jennifer and Mike, Uncle Oscar, Aunt Jocelyn and the kids, Uncle Michael, Aunt Kendra and the kids, and Karen and Emma, Aunt Gaye, Lindsey, David, and kids also came. Did I forget anyone? We had friends there, too. The Stewarts and Hyers were there. 

Kacy was excited for her baptism. She learned all about how Jesus got baptized by John the Baptist, and why we should get baptized. She is excited to be growing up, and she is such a good girl.

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