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Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Have a Bathtub!

We have a tub! The kids and I are enjoying it, and today, some friends gave me a late birthday/early housewarming gift of bubble bath and other bathtub things! (Don't forget the smelly candle- smells vanilla/carmelly...mmmm...delicious.)
It is deep, and it is awesome. I hate taking a bath where the water only comes up to your belly button, or you lay down in the tub so your are covered, but your feet and knees are in the air. So I didn't really take baths, ever. Until now. Now I can use my vanilla bubble bath (instead of the Axe I used in a pinch- hey I kept smelling myself!) and light a candle, and just relax. Truth be told, taking a bath seems like a waste of time, but I could get used to it. 

I'll just make sure I have my ipod music going with earphones so I don't hear anyone banging on the door.

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