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Monday, September 26, 2011

House Update with Pictures

I dusted off my camera, and it still works! Well, of course it still works...it's still fairly new and in awesome condition. What I should say is that I remember how to work it! That's more like it.

Here are some shots of different parts of the house.

 Our bathroom vanity...

 Boys' room...

 Fireplace...the rocks are local. Ryan made the hearth cap from cement. The timbers are from the mountains behind our house. The actual fireplace is a Napolean 3000, I think. It should heat our whole house. You can see on the left side what looks like stairs. It's paint, so we know what angles and lengths and what not to make it easier once we put in the stairs. That's the last somewhat difficult project. The plywood sheathing will be covered in wood, board and batten style.


 Girls' room. Ignore the blue line- that's my painter's tape I haven't taken down yet. One more coat... eventually.

 Part of our closet, where Ryan keeps his hats.

 Kids' alcove, looking into their bedrooms. On the left wall is the door to the kids' bathroom. On the right where the saw is will be a built in bookshelf. (That's after the stairs and floor.)

Looking into the kid's bathroom. The toilet is on the left of the vanity, with a window above it. You can kind of see from the reflection in the mirror, as well as part of the shower. The glass shower door is reflecting a lot of light, too.

That's it for now. I will post pictures of the finished fire place and maybe my closet soon. The bathrooms and closets are all finished! It's wonderful to take real showers and do laundry at home. Speaking of... I need to put some wet clothes in the dryer.

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  1. The rattles? Are they good luck or something? Your house is looking pretty darn amazing!