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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Own A Camera, Really. And, Thoughts About Priorities.

I do own a camera. A nice one. But you wouldn't know that, reading my blog the last six months or so.

Some things that need a picture and some memories: Ed turning five, Will turning seven, progress on the house, and...

Well, I'm sure there are other things.

You know what I've been thinking about lately? Priorities. Like, what's first? If I had to only choose ONE thing, what would it be? If I had to drop something in my life, what would go first? And, are my choices in line with what I desire and what I know to be right? And are those two things the same thing?

This has been on my mind because we have been so busy lately. The house, the kids, church activities, school stuff, fun stuff... We are spending a lot of time on the house. We are all looking forward to it being finished so we can move on with our lives. As the kids get older and we talk about what activities they might want to do, what sports they might play, what extra stuff they are going to do, we always come back to asking ourselves, "Why?"

Why are we doing this? What benefit will come from this? Our long term goals, the thing we want the most, is to to have happy children who live the gospel, love God and Jesus Christ, and who are kind to others. Oh, and have a good work ethic.:) So, with that in mind, as we talk about activities and the things we do. Right now, Ryan and I both struggle with spending time with the kids. It seems like we have a lot of moments where we say, "When the house is done..." It got so bad that Kacy noticed it: A few Sundays ago, Kacy had a minor meltdown in the car. Something along the lines of, "When the house is done, when the house is done. That's all I ever hear. I'll be glad when the house is actually done..." Ryan and I both looked at each other, and we weren't thrilled. :(

We not only think about what we want for our family, but for ourselves. Where do I want to be in five years? Ten years? Am I on the path that will get me there?

Deep thoughts. :)

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