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Friday, September 23, 2011

I quit Facebook

Yes, yes I did. This morning. I quit for several reasons. There are a few things I will miss about it, but I estimate my time and blog will only improve.

I quit because I hate how they always change things. I hate how it sucks me in and chips away at my day, ten minutes at a time. I hate the drama that can crop up, either deliberately through posts, or inadvertently through misunderstood comments.

The biggest reason I quit though, by far, is because I'm addicted to the hot sheets. I want to have something to talk about when I see people. I want my time back.

I may have to get back on to organize my rafting trip for next summer though.

I love rafting. ;)

Anyhow, I'm a quitter. In this regard, at least!


  1. I want to quit but I don't want to lose all those people on there. I will never keep in touch! Plus, I tried once and John didn't want me to because he likes to see what I put about the boys on there.
    Anyway, what are hot sheets?

  2. Hi Becky! Hot Sheets are gossip magazines. You know when you are in the grocery store at the check out and you read all the tabloid covers? Tabloids are hot sheets. Gossip fodder, what's "hot"...

    Did you know when you deactivate your account all your stuff is saved? To reactivate, all you do is sign in. So once your are "in" you can never really leave.

  3. I quit once for pretty much all your reasons, and it didn't last long. But since I have been back on I have cleared out my friend list. Anyone with too much drama is gone. I just realized,I am even anti-social on facebook! I thought it was kind of creepy that everything is still there.
    I hope you don't get sucked back in :)