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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Yesterday morning we went on our first Geocache adventure. It was so much fun- this is definitely a new family hobby. The kids had a blast hunting for the cache, and we got to climb around on granite boulders. The view was spectacular. I'm glad Ryan was able to go with us- we would have never found it and I would have had a nervous break down trying to help Jessie climb while Kacy kept reminding me about the dangers and the boys hopped from boulder to boulder, standing on ledges and climbing through little caves.

We used my phone as a GPS- I used the free app AccuTracker. It worked pretty well. (It works without cell reception- yay!) The app would work awesome for general hiking. It's a little hard to see the screen on my phone in bright sunlight, but all in all, it was a great app. And if you go Geocaching, a GPS is a must.

We will be doing this again!

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