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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, and other stuff

Is it sad that I had another picture all sized right for the ol' blog, but forgot to save it and now I'm too lazy to go open up the program and do it all over again? Ya, I don't think it's too sad either. In case you were wondering, it was a still of the jack-o-lanterns. I like this one because it looks kinda creepy.

Where are my kids in costume? Where-oh-where? Well, our church had our Halloween carnival and trick or treating (in the hallways) last Wednesday. The kids had a blast, and I had a blast because my kids have grown up enough that I am now confident that they will stay in the building and not be in the street playing. Yea me! I might make the kids dress up again tomorrow so I can take a picture, but since the kids wear Walmart costumes, I don't feel like it's a big deal. They loved them, and I loved the ease of it. But it's not really anything to write home about, you know?

Some randomness:

Yesterday cousin Jimmy was asking Jessie different questions to get her to talk to him. (She was being particulary sassy for him, eye rolling and all.) He asked about her Halloween costume, and then about her favorite colors... and then: "Hey Jessie, what's your favorite fruit?" She replied, "Jello." Ha! Too much fruity jello at grandma's house on Sundays? Maybe, maybe not. 

Had parent teacher conferences last week. So, when you walk in the cafeteria for three kids' teachers, do you start with the good one, or save that kid for last? I started with the sure fire kid, and it turns out she got the worst report! Kacy, my kid who loves school and remembers everything, has test anxiety like her dad, and need for perfection from her mom. This translates to mean that if she misses ONE problem, it ruins her day. Which also means she has started to stress out about missing one and now will do really poorly on her tests because she is so worried about it. Will is doing awesome in second grade. Like, he's on grade level for everything, gets along well with others, and doesn't write all over his desk and his tests anymore. His handwriting is not only legible, but his teacher said he's got the best handwriting of all the boys. This is a huge turn around from the last two years. I noticed his spelling and handwriting earlier in the year, and it's like it's not even the same kid as last year. Crazy. I'm so happy. He still thinks school is totally boring and only tolerates going. He got the comment on his report card that was something like "if he applied himself he would do even better." Classic. Ed has had a complete transformation at school. He loves it, he practically bursts at the seams to please his teacher and "be good"... he is doing really well. I walked out of that cafeteria with a big sigh of relief.

Our primary had their annual program last Sunday. I played the piano for it again this year, but at least this year I had warning. I still had sweaty palms and made all kinds of mistakes. I have lost skills. Anyway, the kids did a great job, of course. Don't they always? That was my fourth program as a leader, and now I've been released and without a job in church. I loved working with the kids for the last three and a half years. I will miss that part of it, and working with my friends. I will not miss other parts of it.

Karen had her baby last Sunday. A 9 pounder that had to be vacuumed out because he was sunny-side up and she's only 5'2". He is doing great, although she had to be hospitalized for a few days because of preclampsia problems. His name is Paxton Louis. The kids call him Baby Louie. 

Jocelyn introduced me to Pinterest. I was skeptical at first, having just quit Facebook and all, and thinking I don't surf the net anymore. But Pinterest is so cool because it's like people are surfing the net FOR ME. I have collected a few "crafty" things that even I could pull off that make our trailer and life a little more homey. Because, one of the things I want to work on is my homemaking skills. I want a pretty table to sit at, cool photos on my walls all arranged nicely, fun fattening cakes and snacks that the kids will think are awesome... it's fun. Can't wait to have a house to make into a home.

Speaking of that... It's coming along slowly! Of course. We've got plans. BIG plans. Once it's finished, we are going to put up a fence and some gates, get a few horses, chickens, and goats, and call it good for awhile. No more building for a few years. We do want a shop/big barn... but that can wait while we recover and take time for ourselves to just be. I'd like to make cookies, and some cake, and heck, serve a meal at a table and have side dishes. And not have to pre-cut my meat. And not have to balance my cup on the sofa. I've gotten really good at it... but I appreciate those time when I don't have to do that.

It's fall. That means really cold nights and mornings, and fairly warm days. I do not love the cold. So I'm soaking up the last of the warmth before winter kicks in. I do love the fall colors, though. And candy corn.


  1. I'm not a stalker... I just enjoy your blog.

    Connie Randall - Monica Ward.

  2. It's okay, Mama Randall. Karrie has a lot of stalkers- she let me go on a rafting trip with her, so I don't think it creeps her out too bad.

  3. Connie- I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I'm trying to remember that I have one and update it more frequently. I know my kids will enjoy being able to read about the every day things we did when they are older.

    Carla- rafting is FUN, can't wait for next season. And, true stalkers, the really creepy kind, should know I have a very large husband in law enforcement. And, that I bought myself a shotgun last summer. 12 gauge coach gun, soon to have a shortened barrel. And, I'm a great shot. Just sayin'. :) I feel like I know both of you in a way because of our Monica Ward connection/Bunting connections. I'm actually surprised anyone reads this thing anymore. Besides my mom and grandma, anyway. lol.