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Monday, November 7, 2011

First Snow of the Season

 We woke up yesterday (early, sort of, because of the time change) and saw this! It was snowing huge wet flakes! The kids were so excited, it was all I could do to convince them to find sweaters and shoes to put on with their pajamas.
 The clouds were also really low. It socked in our little valley and made the mountains disappear. The kids were awestruck. My favorite part was before they knew I was awake. They were all under the shade of the window with their behinds sticking out, talking about the snow.
 I love that Jessie thinks Will is hilarious. And, that she thinks wearing my clothes is acceptable. And, that Ed is wearing Kacy's pink and brown John Deer boots.
Wet snowballs, cold hands, and 20 minutes later they were back in the trailer huddles around the heater to get warm. They were also hoping for more snow on for today, so they could have a snow day for school. Not going to happen this time: it didn't stick to the roads for that long, and melted fairly quickly. Oh well. I used to wish for fog delays. We don't have fog here, so they get to wish for snow days!

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