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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

 This Thanksgiving, dinner was spent at the Bunting's where Levi told me grandma hunted the turkey. I thought he said she dropped it at first. Dinner was yummy! The turkey was brined and moist and delicious! The rolls were buttery...mmmmmm. We went over to my parent's house for desserts.
 This sassy girl (grrr!) was ready to eat! She rearranged her own place, trading a smaller plate for the larger one. On the way home the other day we talked about her not being so sassy, and she said, "But, I just don't know how!" Somethings else I don't want to forget: she loves to eat open face mayonnaise sandwiches.
Kacy is a good helper. She's one of the messiest kids I know, but she will eventually clean it up. She made a school project with thankful leaves. The leaves say she's thankful for the sun, friends, home, Veterans, family,church, my dad's job, God, life, the temple, Jesus, nature, and the moon.

I am thankful for a great marriage, healthy kids who do well in school, a car that hasn't fallen apart yet, my trailer that keeps me dry when it's wet outside, setting priorities and having faith that everything will work out, the gospel of Jesus Christ, my dog George who barks at the coyotes, my husband's job, a washer and dryer that work and that is on the property (hallelujah chorus for that one!) and for the opportunities I have to do stuff I like, to have a good friend or two, and generally be happy with my life. A good attitude will take you far, or at least, it will help keep you sane. And when I say "you," I mean "me."

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