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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Puppy Love- I'm getting a dog!

A blue puppy- Austrialian Cattle Dog, aka blue heeler or Queensland heeler.

 Red and blue. SO CUTE, I just want to squeeze them!

 One of the moms. This one is Pfeiffer, a blue. In our area, especially for a ranch dog, it is customary to dock the tails.
 The dad- McConaughey. He is shaped like a barrel- very stout, even as a puppy.

Another mom- this one is named Foxy, and she's a red heeler, and on the smaller side.

I am finally ready for a puppy, and I reserved a female from two upcoming litters out either Foxy or Pfeiffer. I reserved a blue, then a red, and even a white, if a white one comes out. I don't really care which color I get, as long as it's a girl. I was keen on the blues first, but the reds have grown on me. I have watched many YouTube videos, and I love these dogs! I didn't at first, and here's why:

Growing up, I was let off the bus at the highway and had to walk down a dirt road to our house. Not far, only about a 1/4 mile. I had to pass two other houses, one of the houses had a dog that would chase me down the road, and he scared me to death. It was my friend's dad's dog, and he told me it was a Queensland heeler. So, I grew up hating Bronson (none of our dogs acted like he did!) and hating Queensland Heelers. About a year ago, Ryan suggested a Queensland would fit our family and lifestyle, and I balked at the suggestion at first. I didn't want a mean, ugly dog that looked like it would eat your face off. He was surprised by my strong reaction and got on the internet to show me pictures. Bronson was NOT a queenland heeler. Maybe his grandma was, but looking back, I think he was mostly Rottweiler. The jaw/mouth was completely different- much more like a pitbull.I remember this because I was quite preoccupied with his mouth, and swung my alto saxophone case with all my 80 pounds. (I knew that stupid case was good for something!) Anyway, the more I have learned about the breed, the more excited I am to get one. Ryan has met many through his days as a cowboy and packer. He really likes them.

She will make the perfect running buddy for me, since George quit me. I tried to walk George yesterday, and we only made it to the mailbox before he sat down and looked at me. He wouldn't budge. No amount of nice talking, excitement, or tugging would move that dog, until I finally said, "Go home." Then he promptly got up and we walked with no problem back to his house. He used to run with me all the time, and now he won't even walk. He likes to do things on his terms, and he's so big and stubborn, there is little I can do. I think he's lazy. Ryan says he is just independent, as Great Pyrenees are. What ever the case, when he quit running with me two years ago, my fitness has gone down hill. I like the companionship of a dog when I run (or right now, walk) where I live: dirt trails in the country. I also want her to go hiking with the kids and I, and where George is great for keeping coyotes away, he will lick people to death. He's not scary. I want a dog that can be intimidating, if only slightly. The kids are getting older now, too. They have more puppy sense and I can train them as well as the dog. This dog will go everywhere with me. Like a 5th kid. Except probably more obedient -LOL.

I think I might name her Emmylou. We name our dogs after country singers. (And our barn cats are named Steve- I know.) Emmylou is kind of a long name though, so I'm not 100% sure. Anyhow, we are crossing our fingers we get a female in February! 

(Thank-you to the Lewis Ranch for the pictures, and I look forward to meeting my puppy soon!)


  1. When are you expecting your new puppy? I vote blue all the way.

  2. My niece, who grew up on a farm, always had Queensland's. She loved them. I am partial to Rottweiller's since that it what I grew up with. Now I have a 5 pound Austrailian shepherd that should get to about 18 pounds. Now if only he would potty train himself.

  3. I love Blue Heelers :-) My grandparents always had one on their ranch and each one would get named Blue, LOL

  4. The puppy will be at our home in mid to late February! We are excited!

  5. Karrie--Ryan is right, just had to say that...heelers are GREAT dogs! Had a few the first 19 years of my life...they are loyal, smart, protective of your family and they work cattle really well! Will go anywhere and do just about anything.

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