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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Greek Yogurt Tastes Like Sour Cream... and other random observations.

  • Greek yogurt tastes a lot like sour cream except thicker. I'm thinking if one was so inclined, one could substitute the two! On pudding, potatoes, or maybe as an addition to a cake mix or cookies... personally, I like to mix it with Smucker's Low Sugar Strawberry jelly (tames the tang!) and then mix that with healthy cereal.
  • New running shoes really do make you run faster. The kids are right!
  • Why is it I can remember how to make a cootie catcher from the third grade, but can't remember where I put my favorite socks? (or anything else for that matter.)
  • Dieting/eating healthy feels good, but is hard. Why choose broccoli when you can choose garlic bread and cookies?
  • Did you know Cinderella went to the mall? I actually got into an "argument" with my three year old about this. Then I started laughing, and she got mad. 
         "No, serious Mom. Don't laugh. Cinnerella went to the mall." 
         "What did she do at the mall?" 
          "She danced with boys."
          "You don't dance with boys at the mall. You dance with boys at a ball." 
          "A ball? That's just silly mom. It's a mall."

  • Don't argue with a three year old. Especially one who is literal. You will always lose.

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  1. This was a fun read. I've never tried Greek yogurt. Mostly because I don't like regular (Amercan?) yogurt. And I totally agree about choosing garlic bread and cookies. Yum! I need to start working on that though or I will be a blimp soon.