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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Hills are Alive

...with The Sound of Music!

I recorded it, and the kids and I watched it tonight. They loved it! I was surprised, but they did.

I prefaced the movie by telling them how their aunt Kendra and I would go to our grandma Sorensen's house and she didn't have TV, but she had a VCR and a couple of movies. We always watched this one. Instead of a "Cool, Mom!" (a girl can dream!), I get a, "What's a VCR?"

I almost choked. Thank-you, Kacy for making me feel old! What's a VCR...sheesh!

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  1. That was Zachary's favorite movie when he was little! And we used to watch it everyday...on our VCR. Ryan once asked Danny what a cassette tape was. I am starting to face the fact that I am getting old.