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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kids! (The Boys, Anyhow)

Typical. :)
 After we got our firewood delivered yesterday, Will picked up a piece and immediately said that he wanted to chisel a Tiki. Ryan helped him get started... he cut the mouth. Oak is a really hard wood. Not so easy to chisel a tiki from. He worked on it for two days.
 Ed is doing great... except that the school called today to inform me that while playing tag this morning, he ran into some playground equipment (essentially a metal pole, part of the monkey bars), and got a black eye. She said the funny thing was that he kept complaining about his chest, not his eye. His eye just started changing colors while he was in class. So, he's got a black eye, and he still says his chest is a little sore. At least he didn't get a concussion, like a friend's kid did. That was serious business, and would be a scary phone call. As it was, I kept waiting for her to tell me what awful thing he did to get in trouble. A black eye is awesome compared to what it could have been!


  1. Black eyes are just a part of boyhood! that tiki is pretty good looking, good job Will.

  2. I think black eyes make boys look tough!