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Thursday, December 29, 2011

PSA- New California Car Seat Law

Hold on to your booster seats, or be prepared to go buy some new ones!

Starting January 1 (this Sunday), a new law takes effect here in the great State of California. What, only one, you say? Of course not. But this is one that I have to change my lifestyle for, so I thought I'd share.

The law is this: Children *MUST* be secured in an appropriate child passenger restraint (safety seat or booster seat) IN THE BACKSEAT OF A VEHICLE until they are at least 8 years old OR 4'9". (source: www.chp.ca.gov)

Brush those boosters off, or go buy another one!

So, this means I need to go buy Will a new booster. Kacy is 8, so she's good. But this effects me just a little more than buying another booster: I often have Kacy or Will sit in the front seat with me when I have groceries in my car. I fold down a back seat to open up my cargo area, and off we go. NO MORE? According to the CHP website, the magic number for sitting in the front seat is older than 11. No specifics, but in their FAQ's, they suggest an 11 year old who weighs 80 pounds still sit in the back. I will ask Favorite FUZZ #1 about the actual LAW pertaining to the front seat, or if this is just a recommended safety standard.

I have a whole lot of rant to go with this, riddles with my own kind of logic and observations on the absurd direction that our government is going to keep us safe. Ryan said the bumping up of the limit effects approximately 2 million children here in California. That's a lot of booster seat sales...

Anyhow, go buy your first and second graders a new booster since you probably either graduated it down to a younger child or threw it out. Make sure it has cup holders. Cup holders are a life saver! They save old gummy bears, cherrios, and used gum. Just pray the kid doesn't put a piece of fruit in there, close the cup holder, and wait for you to open it a month later. That's disgusting.


  1. Good old California. Too bad we moved away, our kids are really in trouble now.

  2. This is just another example of government intrusion because there are too many stupid people who live in this state. I am all for keeping my children safe, but this is excessive. What about the other new law? Children must remain rear-facing until 2 years of age. I mean seriously!! Or is that just a recommendation? I do know some people leave them rear-facing until 4 or 5 but that is just ridiculous to me. My car seats are safely and properly installed with latches. I suppose Chloe will stay in her harness seat for a few more years. I was hoping to take the back of Trevor's booster on his sixth birthday, but now I will leave it. Aarrghh!

  3. I hate this law. The only place a booster fits in our car is in the middle between Andrew and Lexi's seats. But, the middle only has a lap belt, not a shoulder, and it fits across his legs, not hips. He is much, much safer on the side, with the shoulder belt and no booster so I guess we will be risking a fat ticket for the next 6 months until his 8th birthday.