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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Among Other Things...

Last Saturday, Marcie and I did our first wedding shoot! It will probably also be our last, just like that time we did this play where we both had to sing. It was a debut and retirement all in one. Anyways, the B's in our ward asked her to do it because "she has a nice camera." She wouldn't do it without me. She does a lot of action/sports photos. I have done a few babies, and just lots of random stuff. I have to say we make a good team, personality wise. We both stress a bit, but not to the point of grumpiness, but rather delirium. We made plans before hand. We reviewed the shots yesterday, and I'm going to say they are great! Ha ha. At least, they are very decent, with a fair amount of good ones. We both agree that we are missing some bridal party shots, due to lack of time. We had beautiful scenery at the temple grounds in LA, but we only had about an hour before we had to drive to the first reception. That hour just wasn't long enough...another 20-30 minutes would have yielded some good shots. 

I was worried about using a flash, especially outside as a fill flash. Turns out, it POURED rain and was really overcast. And windy. But, I practiced on my willing model the week before. I have an on camera flash that is manual/independent of the camera settings. Here's Kacy:
Using my flash in the middle of the day. A little washed out, no? But her face is evenly lit, which it wasn't without the flash.

I like this shot I took of Rachel. Looks okay in color, all the tones are right, lighting is right... but I LOVE this in black and white. Dramatic. And, I want thick eyelashes like she has!

Other things: We  have carpet in the house. And, all the wood floor is in. And the handrails on the stairs and loft. Ryan is beginning to build the kitchen cabinets- hoo-rah! Awaiting our income tax return so we can get the outside stucco finished!

Soon, people, soon. I'll post pictures of the house soon. I hope this week.

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