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Friday, January 6, 2012

Girls Rafting Trip, 2012

Hello, blog readers!

I broke my Facebook ban and logged on today and sent out my river rafting invitation for our girl's trip. I realize some of you don't check FB or are even on there, so here it is:

You are invited to join our girl's rafting trip. I haven't set a date yet, but am leaning towards a Saturday so dads can watch kids and working girls might have the day off. Either early June or mid August. (I guess a Sat. in July would do... but lots of us are are vacations then.)

The cost will be no more than $200.00. Start saving/planning now! (Includes the full day trip, two meals, a tip for the guide, and any gas money you might put in your car to get there.)

Where: Lake Isabella, rafting down the lower Kern (the Gusto Run), with Kern River Tours. Class III and IV rapids.

Lots of fun, and the guides are great. Bring a friend if you want (girls only!) and join us for an awesome day.

I'm looking forward to seeing you girls from last year again, and hoping more can join us! (I have to say, that for most of us not knowing each other, and me being the common link, I have AWESOME friends who are all very kind and willing to befriend strangers. Everyone had a great time, so if you are worried about being "alone" or think you are too shy, don't stress about it. Everyone I associate with is down to earth and can carry on a conversation, lol. And, my friends like people. I have no patience for people who take themselves too seriously, I guess. It reflects in who I hang around, and I love my people! Wishing I could socialize more...this is my opportunity!)

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  1. I'm not sure about going this year. I feel like it might be the year I fall out. The lunch just might be worth it though...