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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Puppy is Here!

Last Wednesday, my puppy was born! She's a blue Queensland Heeler (aka Australian Cattle Dog, or ACD). We are all so excited, me probably the most. We have gone through a list of names, thinking a one syllable name is best for a cow dog. (So when she's out with our future horses or herding my goats it's easier to yell her name.) I am 99% sure her name is Pearl. Kind of feminine, one syllable, and old fashioned. She has a spot on her butt near her tail, too.

We are gearing up for puppy life, and for fun I did a YouTube search on Queenslands. There is one annoying video where the dog is jumping up on the camera over and over, which is just bad manners. The rest all show how smart the dog is. There are 8 and 9 week old puppies who sit, stay, come, shake, roll over, get the ball (instead of the doll!). Active (yes!) and smart (yipee!). Can't hardy wait to go get her!

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