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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs...

We went exploring for New Year's Eve. We visited the BLM wild horse and burro facility (our favorite place), and then took a road that ended at the ECR. (Electronic Combat Range? I think?) We saw this cool sign on the way, and I've never seen one before!


  1. Um you know I had to comment on this one, but you drove right past my house on the way to the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Ranch. We were so bored during Winter Break! Next time you need to contact me. :)

  2. Kiahna! I think about you every time we go to your hometown. We are usually in a time crunch trying to get errands ran and whatnot. That will change once the house is done. There are SO MANY cool things out there I want to explore. Email me your phone/texting number and I'll put it in my phone. My email: karrie@hughes.net