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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's Up...

  • Yesterday the kids went back to school. Of course they wanted to sleep in for the first time in two weeks. Ed was whining and tried the following tactic:
"I think I'm sick."
"What kind of sickness?" I ask as I feel his forehead.
"An emotional sickness."
"An EMOTIONAL sickness?"
"Ya, I just don't FEEL like going to school today."

  • The kids were rough yesterday. I enjoyed having them home for vacation. The change of going back to school made everyone grumpy. The day ended with me saying, "No hugs and kisses from me tonight. Since you all think you don't need to listen to a word I say, then I assume you are more than capable of taking care of yourselves. You may put yourselves to bed." Then I turned off the lights, marched over to my bedroom, and flung myself on the bed totally discouraged with my lack of patience, my angry feelings, and my frustration with my children. This morning was much better... maybe my utter disgust last night had an effect? It's more likely that we all had a good night's rest and were just more capable of dealing with life.
  • We have been sleeping in the house. It was only supposed to be for Christmas Eve, but due to the fact the mattresses are so dang heavy (really old mattresses, very well made... and a memory foam mattress) they just haven't made it back into the trailer. They are being moved back today. I'm glad. Although the big house is much warmer, it is still a construction site, and very dirty with hazards everywhere. Ryan has been working on the ceiling, and I'll post some pictures soon. Our goal is get the scaffolding OUTTA THERE as soon as possible. 
  • My puppy might be born today... or sometime this week. We are all excited!
  • I'm dieting with Ryan, which means low carb style. That's his favorite. We take Sunday's off, and last night I had a small scoop of ice cream. I'm not a very good dieter.
  • I have a cold. It's not terrible, but I will admit that it makes me annoyed, which makes me a little grumpy.
  • I'm getting my hair trimmed this Friday, and I can't wait. This time, I will NOT cut my own hair. I'm getting a lot more grey hairs all of a sudden. Of course, I only color my hair once a year. It's seems like every July I go buy a bottle of dark brown and color away. Could be that I notice the grey because it's all washed out. I'm only 34... I'm wondering at the rate I'm going if I'll be silver by 40.
  • Kacy went to the eye Dr. and picked out a nice pair of wire rimmed glasses. Her eyesight has gotten a little worse. Her left eye is her "bad" eye. She's farsighted.
  • Found the style of loft bed we want to build for the kids' rooms. CAN'T WAIT!

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  1. I love when you make lists! We are dieting too, with the "lose it" app. Eric has his 20 year reunion this year and I just absolutely hate being the fattest person in my family. :) It seems to be working but makes me really grumpy too. I am working our way up to low-carb after the shock of low-cal wears off. LOL