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Saturday, February 18, 2012


It was a mile up and a mile down. 800 feet. To an old mine. The kids were disappointed there wasn't a cave with carts and rails. Jessie still got tired, but she was sick the last few days. I like hiking with the kids. It is time well spent and I love how they love it. They really do. We have some funny conversations, and today they realized they were lucky to be able to hike, because in Bakersfield there are no mountains. Sometimes they wish they lived in the city, because their cousins and grandparents are there. Today the older two said they loved the mountains! The hike was their idea. Awesome!


  1. I really miss the mountains. The only thing here are trails. Flat trails. So boring. I'm going to girls camp here and they have air conditioning and indoor bathrooms and showers and no mountain hikes, just walks. Doesn't that sound kind of depressing? You can post more about the mountains and I won't complain.

  2. Ooo, I don't think I would like flat trails as much. I really do love the mountains. Your girl's camp sounds plush. That would be weird. You can tell stories about Big Meadow and how you used to have to warm your water over the fire before you hoisted it with a rope over a tree branch before you could shower, lol. (For reals, been there, done that at girl's camp as a girl.)It won't be the same, but it could still be fun. Maybe. :)