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Saturday, February 11, 2012

House Update, and No, It's Not Finished Yet

Here it is, the long awaited, highly anticipated house update. We are nearing completion, with Ryan building the kitchen cabinets as we speak. We bought a dishwasher- ah, the stuff dreams are made of! So is a functioning kitchen. I am going through cook books and earmarking recipes. Can't wait to bake again! On that note, this February 27 will mark 6 1/2 years of living in an RV. Yipee. That's 2,372 days. I will be glad when that count is over. On with the pictures! In no particular order:
 Looking in the boys' room. It's finished, closet organizer and all. (Yes, it's a little dusty. I'm not cleaning until construction is OVER!)
 The fireplace. I think I blogged about this already, but in case I didn't, the actual fireplace is a wood burning Napoleon 3000. Works like a charm, heating the whole house if we keep a fire going. The stone work was done by Ryan, and is local. So are the beams (and most of the wood on the interior of our house- came from the mountains behind our house via a local lumberjack.)
 Looking out from the girls' room. The alcove will house a bookcase, but for now it houses lots of tools. And supplies.
 The girls' room. It's finished, too! I think. It may need door trim on the... yup. It does. I just checked the picture above. The trim is sitting in the front room.
 Looking down from the stairs and into the kitchen. We have sinks! And the dishwasher is in the middle of the room, and the framework for the cabinets are in. The "L" island thing will have a bar on one side, so we can seat 12 people! How awesome is that? And yes, two kitchen sinks. That was Ryan's idea. I didn't think it was necessary, but the idea is growing on me.
 Part of the loft, with Will posing on a portion of the sofa we moved in. The sofa is elevated, and we have these cool secret doors behind the TV wall that will hide curtains. We can pull out the curtains for movie night and enclose the room!
 Looking up. If you stand in the kitchen or dining room, and look up, this is about what ya see. We still need to build the lighting fixture over both rooms, that's what those hanging wires are on the right side. We still have some hardware to install on the beams to hold some things together, too. Then we can get that scaffolding OUT! I hate scaffolding. Just because I hate high places...
 The stairs...sort of. Again, there is some hardware that needs to be installed, but they are fully functional and all that!
The rest of the stairs, going on up to the loft. On the other side is where the TV goes, and right up there are those secret curtain doors. Oh, and way up high is the gremlin door. That's where we keep the creepy creatures who eat small children who are naughty. Is that too scary? I'm trying to think of something that is both kinda creepy and funny at the same time to scare small children. To make them wonder. Maybe I can tell them an old crow made it's way in there and Ryan locked it up because it threatened to peck his eyes out. We have crows, so that would work. I'll work on it.


  1. I hope you have an open house and invite everyone who comments on your blog... I would bring a cake.

  2. It is an amazing home! I can already picture your Christmas decorations up. ;) the crow idea is awesome. Maybe you could show the film "the Birds" to help solidify the eye pecking. Lol

  3. It looks beautiful! And why aren't you moving in already?

  4. Connie- you will be notified! We will have a huge open house. Or, a whole day of open house-ness. Look forward to your cake! :)

    Jen- The Birds! Ha ha!

    Kiahna- We are NOT moving in until it's finished, because it will never get finished if we do. You know, like baseboards and cupboards and stuff will still be waiting to be put in 20 years later. Like our parents' houses. We took notes when we were little and have listened to a few women in the fam who have done the same thing. It's hard though. We shower out there, and I can do laundry. It's good. But I can't wait!