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Friday, February 3, 2012


We are hosting preschool at our house. Jessie is excited like always! (She's always the worst behaved. Her excitement level is really high, and she giggles a lot, talks constantly, and acts just like a 13 year old. Help!) We were using Joy School curriculum, but the first semester is over, we had a meeting, and we aren't thrilled with it. So, we are using a book that Krissy has. I'll write about it later, as it is a great Pre-K at home or at school kind of book. I've seen a lot, and I like this one!

I may start doing touch up painting. Yuck. I mean, it's good that we are to that point, but I really hate doing jobs twice. I painted already. Now I get to do it again, albeit less...but not much.

I'm going to take a walk. A short thought on my "dieting:" I don't do it. I'm terrible at it. I quit ages ago. I'm not going to talk about it anymore. It just makes me feel like a liar. I am, however, working on being more active, and as this is a list of my day, it's included.

I like Costco. Especially their muffins. (See previous about dieting.)

The house- the house. At the end of this month will mark SIX and ONE HALF years of living in the trailer. I've been told I should write a book on small space living. I might. When I find the time.

Will constantly forgets things at school. How do I fix that? He's in second grade, and hasn't outgrown it yet. It's really frustrating.

Pearl comes home this month. Can't wait!

Ed is motivated by love. He will do anything for a hug and kiss. Anything.

Kacy and I are using a baking soda shampoo and ACV rinse. Works! Love it! More on that one later, too. Maybe.

Income tax return should be here soon, so we can stucco our house. Too bad our refund is spoken for- our house just eats up materials. I guess it's a big house, and that's what big houses do. I'm so used to the 320 square feet I've had the last 6.5 years. We are going from one extreme to the other: I'm not sure how big our house is- somewhere between 3000 and 3400? I thought it was 3600, but I can't always do math off the top of the head... which is fine because even at 3000, it is 10 times the size I've had for more than half our married life. I just said that... wow. We are looking at 12 years of marriage. Time is going by so FAST! Life is good.

I need to remove the polish from my fingernails and toes, and redo. Probably only my toes.

Jessie turns 4 in four weeks. Hoping to have a party at my house, but I doubt it. The house might be done, but there will be no place to sit, so that's just weird. Seriously, I love when people come over, but we just stand there. For ever. We need a table and chairs, fo sho!

Added a marble baking station/table/island in the kitchen. In our minds anyway... must go purchase said island thing somewhere.

Started watching FOODNETWORK to get inspiration for when we can eat more that just camping foods. I need to get my cooking mojo back- I gave up so long ago. Especially the last six months or so- it's been easy, easy, unhealthy foods.

I am still in my jammies: last night it was a pair of forest green basket ball shorts of Ryan's, a bright pink Sesame Street t-shirt of mine, and my new (old) Ugg boots. I look awesome. (See above to 12 years of marriage.)

Have a good day, and be good at school! (lol)

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  1. 6 1/2 years.... crazy. You should get an award. Fun to read about though.