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Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jessie!

Jessie is FOUR! We sure do love our sassy princess!

Jessie at 4:

Loves "open faced mayonaise sandwiches." Her idea, not mine. Loves chips. And circus peanuts. And ketchup. Her food tastes are a lot like my grandma M. Here is an interview with her:

What is your favorite food?: open faced mayonaise sandwich, chicken nuggets, and french fries.
Favorite candy?: Circus peanuts.
Favorite drink?: Juice
Favorite colors: pink, black, and blue.
What do you like to do for fun?: swing
What do you think about: Kacy?: She likes to push me on the swing.
                                     Will?: He's stupid. (Me: What? Why would you say that? That's so mean.)   I  mean that he likes to push me on the swing, too. And he's so kind.
                                      Ed?: That he likes to...when we try to trap a stink bug, he let is goes. And when we try to kill it, it keeps on being alive. Now ask what do you think about you?

What do you think about Mom?: Hmmm... that I love her. That she likes to push me on the swing, too.

What do you think about Dad?: I love him. He likes to swing with me one time at the park.

Do you have a favorite TV show?: Yes. Ask me what it is. 
what is your favorite TV show? Fairy Hollow Games and Dora. (Dora is weird, because actually she prefers to watch Batman Beyond and Super Hero Squad if given a choice.)

Jessie is our poor, somewhat neglected child. This school year, she's been all alone because the other three are all at school. She doesn't mind a bit. She stays in the trailer and watches cartoons with snacks in a baggie and juice in her mug if Ryan and I are working on the house. She prefers it that way. She's not a total marshmallow, though. She is pretty smart, and like a youngest child, loves attention and being the star of the show. She says some of the funniest things sometimes, and she is very literal. She had a doosey of a year being three, and her attitude is improving! Yay me!

She had tubes put in her ears in August, and Saturday I noticed the one in her worst ear fell out. It's still in her ear canal. Not cool! It's only been six months! She goes in to the Dr. next week. Crossing fingers there is no big damage- she was sick a couple of weeks ago and had a really high fever and fluid coming from her ear (like always pre-tubes). She got the bad ear thing from my fam. Bummer!

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