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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kid Stuff

*Yesterday while I was cooking dinner, Will informed me that the next time we have a "special occasion," we should use SpongeBob macaroni instead of the just the plain kind.  (We had steak, mac n' cheese, and grilled asparagus and leeks for dinner last night.)

*Jessie saw a loud Harley yesterday and informed me that's what she's going to drive when she gets a husband. It'll be a three seater, so they can ride it with her dog. Then she decided it'll be a six seater so that her four kids can ride it, too. The dog will sit on her lap.

*While driving home we saw a cowboy and his two dogs rounding up cattle. Jessie said, "You can do that? You can ride your horse AND bring your dogs? I'm so going to do that. And, when I go to Cowgirl Lessons, my kids are going to come to your house and have a sleep over. Is that okay?"

*Last night, Jessie fell asleep looking at a horse magazine, picking out her dream horse.

*Jessie went to the ear doctor yesterday. The antibiotics did not clear up the fluid behind her right ear (where the tube fell out) and not only that, but her left ear is now blocked. She has a 30% hearing loss right now, which is temporary (thank goodness!). We will be scheduling another surgery for tubes plus a removal of her adnoids. I ran into my sister Kendra yesterday at Winco and she said her #1 child B had the same thing, and the second time they took out his adnoids and he hasn't had problem since. Crossing my fingers this works- I'm slightly paranoid because my youngest sister Karen has had ear problems all her life, is deaf in one ear, and had to go to speech. Luckily Jessie's speech seems fine so far, normal for a 4 year old. But if she were to stagnate in her speech pattern right now, she would sound funny as an 8 year old.

*Went running with Pearl yesterday. She is better than any gym. Ryan was so gracious and breathed on me the last two weeks and now I have a sinus headache and sore throat like he had. I'm not happy about that. Good thing about it is the headache only hurts if my head gets lower than my heart. Back to Pearl: my goal is to move more. She makes me move more. It's a win-win situation! She is slowing down on her "bite the heck out of hands and feet phase." I will be glad when she is done teething! She will be a great dog and companion in a year. She still goes everywhere with me. On the "I'm a horrible dieter and exerciser" front, I take one step at a time. Right now I'm trying to remember to nourish my body and not feed my face. That's all I'm committing to until I get it.

*So excited for Spring Break/easter Vacation! Not sure what we are going to do yet. I know we will stay home, but we want to hike a bit. I'm going to take the kids to see my grandma one evening- and take her some Chow Mein from the Chinese Restaurant up here. AND, Ryan and I are going to go on a date! I know- it's shocking. We are going to shoot over to the desert and go see Hunger Games and eat lunch or dinner, depending on his schedule. (KRW- seen it yet? Wanna meet?)

*Kacy is reading the Harry Potter books. She loves them! Ed is reading whatever he can- he's got a goal to learn to tie his shoes over Spring Break.

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