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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Breaking Down

I would like to dedicate this post to all those hard working appliances in my life that aren't broken. Thank-you, washer and dryer, for being there for me when no one else is. And also, the hot water heaters in the big house, that allow us to shower and look/smell acceptable to those around us.

I would now like to call out the losers in my life, those appliances who have let me down time and again:
  1. the hot water heater in the trailer (over a year)
  2. the refrigerator in the trailer (a week)
  3. the heater in the trailer (off and on)
  4. the air conditioner in the trailer (works if it's not over 90* outside)
  5. the electrical system in the trailer (years now- some of it works, some doesn't, and it's all hooked up funny outside)
  6. the TV (today-probably related to the electrical problems)
  7. my computer is going down...blogging one last time for awhile (I hope not!) and backing stuff up... the stupid power cord is not exactly charging my laptop any longer...because I have a horrible time with laptops and power cords being ripped out, or pulled the wrong way...because I have no desk or place to keep it, IN THE TRAILER.
  8. the electrical system in my car. (Several months. Sometimes it locks, sometimes it doesn't...) Hey! That's not related to the trailer! Imagine that.

On a side note, since I don't feel like washing dishes in cold water yet again, and we need to use up the milk out of the ice chest, and because it is 87 degrees indoors (no A/C), the kids are having cereal for dinner, and old candy canes for dessert. {Healthy!}


  1. YOU SHOULD WIFE, MOTHER, WOMAN of the YEAR for ALL you have endured! but thanks - i needed a good chuckle!

  2. I am so sorry. You are welcome to the desert here anytime you want to stay and hang out. It is getting hotter! Hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel soon.

  3. You should write a book on trailer life. No joke.