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Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Friday!

Well, I'm glad to report that the funk I was in on Wednesday went away yesterday. (But it's back today. It has to do with me feeling fat and lazy. But I won't delve further about that.)

Yesterday we went to see my grandma. We took her some Chinese Food from Lok's. She loved it- it's her favorite! She was nice enough to let me leave the kids and the dog with her while I used a gift card my mom gave me for Christmas to get my eyebrows waxed. I no longer feel so closely related to the ape family! Pearl the dog slept on my grandma's lap almost the whole time I was gone. The kids watched cartoons. We made donuts in a little donut maker. We chatted. We explored some of my grandma's old cameras she gave me.

The kids and I went to Walmart to get socks for them. Where do their socks go? They don't even get worn out, because they get lost first. We also tried Winco, but since my car was full of kids, there wasn't any room for groceries. We didn't get much, but that's okay because my fridge is still on the fritz. We came home to bitter cold winds and it was a cool 36 outside, and 47 inside. Oh YAY! OUR HEATER IS BROKEN! Yipee-aye-ay-kie-oh! My life keeps getting better!

It was miserable last night. We piled the kids up with blankets, and they were fine, I think. None of them have complained. I wore sweats, a hoodie (with the hood on), and my Ugg boots to bed. It was still freezing. I slept about four hours last night. The heater started working at 7:30 am. I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. SO THRILLED WITH MY LIVING SITUATION. I WISH I COULD LIVE IN THE TRAILER FOREVER!

I told Ryan this morning that I'm done. I am sick of living in the trailer and now I'm going to be grouchy about it. No more Mrs. "It's okay." I. hate. the .trailer. DONE.

Now, lest I fall into a self loathing and pitiful mood, I need to go wake up my dog and take a walk. That'll make me feel better, and help me sleep tonight.

Looking forward to this weekend- I do love the Easter holiday. Getting together with family is something I like to do.

P.S.- Pearl the dog? She's totally awesome! Growing up nicely, and isn't such a pain in the butt anymore! (For the record, I think babies are kind of a pain in the butt, too. Love 'em, but glad to see them grow!) She impresses me with her intellect, and that she is cool hanging out with the kids and with me. She will sit on my lap (I think she's going to be small), she rides in the car with me, and she helps me stay a little active. Now, I'm off (my rocker!?!).

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