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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Real Life

This is a post about "real life," not "blog life." There is a distinction a lot of the times, which is why I gave up reading most blogs a long time ago. (I only read those blogs of people I actually know.)

In real life, some days are just crappy. I'm having one of those days. I'm trying to figure out why: Why do I feel so lazy and unproductive? Is it because I set my alarm for 5:40am to get a start on my day, but couldn't get out of bed until 7:30 am? (I don't know why.) Is it because of the poor nutrition choices I made today? (Probably a bigger part of it than I want to admit.) Is it because the fridge/freezer in the trailer spontaneously quit working? (After I fiddled with the buttons, it has been on for the last 30 minutes.) Food defrosted, no alternatives to a fridge except using an ice chest... yipee. Is it because the kids have mostly vegged out in front of the TV because it's cool and windy? (They have been good, but still.) Maybe it's because I sent $1000 to the DMV to register our stuff today. (That's always a nice treat, no?) Maybe it's because I haven't taken a shower yet today, and my hair is frizzy because I have been sanding the kitchen cabinets while wearing a tee shirt over my face and a hood over my hair. (I look stunning right now- hahaha.) Or maybe there is some deep, underlying, psychological problem wherein I feel bound to the trailer like a prisoner, like it dictates my every move, constricting me from doing the things I want to do, forcing me to compromise every aspect of my life.  

Nah, that's too deep.

Or, maybe it's a combination of all these things, and what I need to do is shower. (I'll feel all nice and clean and refreshed, I hope.) That is within my control. And pray that the fridge doesn't catch fire, because I think we received a recall notice on it a LONG time ago about faulty freon or something.

And then I will make my list of things "to do" and get hopping.

On the plus side:

I did a pile of dishes today.
I sanded the rest of the kitchen cabinets and bar.
Pearl and I went on a short walk (until I got all mental about the fridge and the kids and an explosion- MENTAL!) I love my Pearl! She's growing up nicely.
I paid all our bills for the month...on time and all, like usual, but still that's a good things, right?
It's not totally freezing outside. Just a little freezing.
I saw Hunger Games last night with Ryan. Very good. Made me want to re-read the books again. (Fascinating story line. And, I wish I was pretty like Katniss in the movie.)
Ryan has a training day today, so he'll be home tonight.
Tomorrow I may go to town. And get groceries. With the kids and dog...but where to put the groceries? Hmmmm....should move this one up top!
I am grateful I don't have days like this very often!

Maybe I just need a nap and an attitude adjustment. :)

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  1. I say maybe it's because the kids are all home! We saw Dalton today, he says the house is looking really good. So, a new beginning is in sight. right?