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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Going Private

As my room mate from college said, "I'm lockin' her down." (Thanks C.R.!) Only because I want to write about "THE INCIDENT." And post my pictures of THE INCIDENT. But I don't feel comfortable doing that because certain people are still at large and they might be holding a grudge. If they google THE INCIDENT and I have written about it, it'll come up, and I really don't feel like adding any more drama to my life, thank-you very much. Am I paranoid about being hunted down? Nah. There is just a small portion of my brain that says "Be cautious now." I am technically an elected official...public info...hubby's job...public info...why make it easy, right?

I know it's a pain in the bootie to log in and stuff, or get updates. Which reminds me... if jenn p, carrianne p, carla h, and emily m (add me please-) would kindly email me their blog addresses, I've lost them and want to get caught up. Gracias.

Anyway, email me and I'll put you on the list. I'm a little sad that I have to even do this, but hey, I'll ditch those dang comment verification words that I hate so much! Even family- not sure I have all your email addresses.

My email: karrie@hughes.net
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  1. I just saw this post now after I emailed you, But, my email is cmholsonbake@sbcglobal.net and my blog address is: holsonbakehousehold.blogspot.com

    Pleased be warned that I have very much neglected my blog though. No pictures, nothing witty, just BORING narcissistic updates.

  2. Not sure if you got my meesage on facebook so my email is cnstarz008@gmail.com

  3. I went private after we bought our house and started posting pics of the house room by room. I ft like u was handing out blueprints and then to top it off I would talk about when he did and didn't work. I'm so sorry the INCIDENT happened. So scary.


  4. Please excuse my typos. My best friend lost her 2-day overdue baby on Mother's day. I haven't gotten much sleep in the last few days. :(