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Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Blood...Ed's this time

 Ed had a Kindergarten swim party at the school. (The school is also the community center.) While doing a fancy twist jump, he hit his chin on the coping. Ryan, Jessie, and I had JUST pulled into the parking of Home Depot in Ridgecrest. Not even parked yet! So, we turned around and drove fast, fast, fast to the school, where he was just getting off the bus from the pool. His teacher had managed to put a band aid on it. 

Funny: While she made him lay on the ground after the hit, she was trying to get the parents, kids, and other onlookers away. Then she turned to the few "helpers" she had and said, "He's probably going to have to have S-T-I-T-C-H-E-S." Ed replies, "That's okay. I've had stitches on my face before."  She said she was telling the high school base ball team that story and it took longer for the kids to figure out what she was spelling than it took Ed. So good news: Ed passes Kindergarten! 

We took him back to RC where we thought 1) the trip is faster, 2) the doctors are competent, 3) the hospital is clean, and 4) the per capita ratio of doctors to citizens in need seems low. We did contemplate gluing it, but it was TOO deep. 

The nurse was concerned when she took off the band aid, and I took a peek, and quickly looked away. Apparently I was a little pale.
Here's his chin, still swollen. He got lots of shots on the inside, which hurt him. He was tough, no tears. He got a stitch on the inside (ewww on the deepness of the wound) and then 12 on the outside. I forced myself to watch...most of the time. Really not my thing. Really. I should have had Ryan go with him, but I think it's just a natural mom thing to go with the injured kid. (Ryan would have been so much better at it, but I didn't even give him the chance. I hopped up with Ed when they called his name.)

The nurses were awesome- gave him a sucker, and even dug around for a pink one for Jessie. They also kept an eye on me, making sure I was okay and stuff. 

I almost asked if I could pre-register the rest of the fam.


  1. He is tough!!! Brax cut his hand and they gave him the numbing shot and he freaked out so bad, we opted for glue!!

  2. I have had nothing but positive experiences in our ER. I guess I am lucky. Glad to hear you had a good experience too. I am queasy when it comes to that stuff too!

  3. LOL about the pre-registering thing. That is a pretty nasty gash. When I was in fifth grade I got 37 stitches in that same spot and my uncle (who had to pick me up from school and take me to urgent care) had to leave the room for fresh air while they were giving me the stitches. We have never let him live it down.