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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ryan's Surgery

On May 16, we traveled down to Encino and Ryan got his hand worked on. It was a long day! A lot of sitting. Anyhow, the surgeon fixed the hole in the palm of his hand. He also sliced open Ryan's hand and cleaned out bits of glass and metal, and then he repaired one of two nerves. The irreparable one was buried so it wouldn't attach itself to skin and become an ultra sensitive spot on his hand.

As of today, the stitches are out, and he wants to go back to work. One more week (per doctor's orders) and he should be back!

PS- I will fix my typos shortly. I re-read the last few posts and didn't proofread! Yes, it bugs me.

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  1. That is pretty gnarly and awesome. So, with one nerve being severed, does he have any numb spots or weirdness on his hand? Devonn was bit by his pet snake (a 7-ft. boa) when he was a teenager and still has a numb fingertip due to the severed nerve. It's pretty cool.