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Monday, May 21, 2012

Should Be Private Now

This ol' blog should be private now, if I did it right!

Anyhow, I promise to put up some pictures in the next few days. I have a lot to get caught up on, as the week of May 5-13 was one heck of a week! A week full of "firsts."

In summary, my week went like this:

Saturday, May 5: first time I saw my cousin Caley in a live performance. Saw her in "The Music Man." She's good. Way good.
Saturday, May 5: first time I used my dishwasher in the big house. Heaven.
Sunday, May 6: first time I played the organ in church in 13 years.
Sunday, May 6: first time Ryan called me because he got shot.
Monday, May 7: first time staying awake for two days.
Monday, May 7: first time realizing how many people we know.
Wednesday, May 9: first time the Young Men from church came out to help on the house. That will be the last time, as well.
Friday, May 11: first time I saw a movie in 3-D! The Avengers. (Okay, so I did see Captain EO at Disneyland once upon a time...you know, the 3-D movie with Michael Jackson in it? But that doesn't count.)
Saturday, May 12: first time I went to a steak house and ordered a vegetarian meal.
Saturday, May 12: first time I saw my FAVORITE singer live in concert: I love Dave Stamey. Maybe this next week will be the first time I write a fan letter!
Sunday, May 13: first Mother's Day I didn't spend with my mother, mother in law, or my kids.

I've spent enough time on the computer for one day. I need to go BBQ the legs and thighs I have marinating. Did you know that about me? I have mastered grilling dark meat chicken. It's a gift. :) I also have plans to plug in my earphones and go and sand my floor in the big house. It's kind of relaxing, really. All that is needed is a comfy pair of knee pads and something for your brain to do...hence the ear buds.


  1. I still can't believe Ryan got shot! Cliff called me from the hospital once but it was because his Sgt. sent him there to get X-rays after being slammed up against a patrol car by a 350 pound man. They wanted to make sure he didn't have any broken ribs. I hope you are both doing okay.

  2. Were the young men just more in the way than anything else? Can't wait for updates and pictures!