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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wednesday/Thursday (after the shooting)

Okay, so I don't remember all of Wednesday, except I'm certain Ryan went to the doctor. Also, since there was Young Men that night, and Ryan is the Young Men's president, he had them come over and help with the house. We needed an inspection, and some work on the lathing wasn't quite finished yet. After they left, I asked how it went. (I hibernated in the trailer.) He said they played with sticks. All those boys, and it was one big sword fight. Didn't matter how old they were.

Funniest thing was the card they made him. They all wrote in it, and there were comments such as, "Don't work on Sundays" and " I wouldn't have missed" and "I have a tighter grouping than that" and MY favorite, "You have a hand like Jesus now." 

Thursday I dropped off the kids and the dog in Bakersfield, and we headed out to Reno at 6pm. We finally arrived at our hotel room around 1:30am. They gave us two queen beds instead of the king I requested. Apparently, what you request online in only that- a request. Bummer. We sleep in a queen in the trailer- too short! Too "cozy!" We miss our California King in storage. The bed thing, plus the amount of road construction we encountered on the way, made our arrival not that great. But hey, we made it! and the rest of the weekend was awesome. I'll catch up on that tomorrow after church.

I do remember that lots of potential cars/suspects had been located, and all of them ruled out. I am still amazed at how many people "heard they found the guys" over here or over there. I assure every one that unless you hear it from Ryan (me) or the news on TV, all rumors are unfounded. As of today, almost a full three weeks later, nothing has panned out. With the ATF, FBI, KCSO, and CHP all working the case, I'm certain they have a good handle on it. Ryan got a phone call yesterday with some promising information, but it'll be a few days/weeks before anything conclusions can be made. There is evidence collecting, search warrants, and interviews/people searching to do. (Not by Ryan.) Closure would be nice!

PS- It's astounding how many dark blue Yukons have been in crimes...oversized rims and all. One even had bullet holes in it up here, but it had been impounded two weeks prior. Kern County has it's hands full.


  1. Hehe, their card comments were funny. I really hope the latest promising information IS the suspects. (I also really hope Ryan did get a headshot. Just saying).

  2. Lol....loved the Jesus comment, teenage boys are so awkard!!