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Friday, June 22, 2012

Crazy Month

It has been... a crazy month. Ryan went back to work, got a medal of valor award, got hammered at work the next day with 4 major injury crashes (one ended up being a fatal)...and then there is the normal craziness that is house and kids. Real soon, really, really soon, I will be able to cross that "house" part off the list. Once we get something of a normal life with the house, even if it's not 100% done, I will stop talking about it so much. The trailer is emanating a noxious smell... like something died somewhere. Or some food product got into a place it shouldn't have, and it's awful.

Anyway, I will post more next week. We have the next couple of days to get through. My birthday is coming up. I think I'll celebrate by cleaning the house. Yay me!

Also, in my neurological psychosis that is me, I have pin pointed one reason that I keep giving up on getting back in shape. Drum roll, please..................................................................

It's because I don't believe that I will get back in shape. I've never been out of shape. Ever. (I don't count the four years being pregnant/post partum.) Even after each kid I bounced back into great shape. (Wish I would have appreciated it/known it then!) Then, I turned 32. The last two years have not been kind. Actually, I haven't been kind to myself. Anyway, I realized last night that I don't believe my love handles will shrink. It's weird. I'm going to put myself to the test and see if they do. Will they?

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