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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Being "Private"

I don't like my blog being private. No one reads it. Except my father-in-law, who told me on Sunday that before he goes to bed, he checks Jocelyn's and my blog for updates, and by the way, we need to update more. At least someone reads it. :) I think the problem is this: it's a pain in the butt to log on. It just is. I've had several people tell me they can't log on. I'm thinking of getting rid of the private thing altogether. I wasn't ever concerned about stalkers or perverts or whatever it is we are supposed to be cautious about. I just haven't been. Most people are good, good people. At least, most people are decent enough not to be creepy. But since Ryan was shot, and we didn't know who did it, I felt like I should make it private. Now, after two months, I'm over it!

But I still can't decide, and I want to talk to Ryan about it. I don't think it matters anymore. His name was in the local paper, which is accessible online. If the bad guys want to know his name, they can find it there or here. I am technically a public official, so not so sure how much info is already out there about me. And then I think, would someone really come "after us?" I just don't see it happening. But then again, I didn't see Ryan being shot in a drive-by happening either. (If you are a bad guy, and do want to shoot again, try a shooting range. They are super fun and you won't go to jail. Besides, we are armed at my house, and we are good shots. Just so you know. And if you hurt one of my kids, you will not live to your next birthday. Just saying. I'm violent.)

In other news, it's hot. Very hot. And, the stucco guys are here! They are making there way around the house. I feel bad because it's so hot out there, but luckily they are covered all the way by the wrap around porch.

I am teaching the kids how to play cards. We play poker and blackjack, and one of our favorites is Uno. I have started remembering how to play Gin and Rummy, and would love to be able to play again. It's fun to play with the kids, even if it's painful at the moment. Painful because it seems so simple to match a color or number (and pay attention to when it's your turn!!!!). I can see future game nights and good times around a camp site.

What else? Oh ya- yesterday Jessie and I took a nap at 11:00 in the morning. Crazy. We were both tired. I started running, and I totally, whole heartedly, most assuredly stink at it. I'm not sure I can even run a whole mile without stopping. I can't. Today I ran 2.6 miles. In something like 40 minutes. (That included a walking warm up, breaks for walking, and a minute picking a cactus out of Pearl's foot.) So that's what...15 minutes miles? You are supposed to be able to walk that. I was thinking of doing a half marathon, not for time, but to finish. So I could get some exercise. I am a person who needs a goal. If I don't have a tangible goal, I won't do it. And "getting thinner" isn't enough motivation for me. I do like food. So, I figure a goal of "finishing a half marathon in three hours or less" is tangible and doable. Problem is, I'm afraid it's unreasonable for. me right now. Like, maybe I should try a 10k first. The longest I've ever run was 5 miles, once, back in college when I was 18. I'm 35 and weigh 20 pounds more now. That's not good, you know? So maybe a nice challenge that is within reach if I work hard is a 10k (6.2 miles). Then, if I survive that, I could move up to a half. We'll see.

I have a lot to do. Will my to-do list ever shorten? I doubt it. It's part of being a grown-up, I guess. at least I can check this off! ;)


  1. I totally read it. My Blogger keeps me logged in so there is never an issue.

    There is this pretty fun card game called Sleeping Queens. Our kids love it.

    Also, it's stinking hot. I bet your running will speed up when it cools down.

  2. I read it. I also don't have a problem logging in. Carianne has been reading it from my phone while she is here. And it isn't so hot over here. You should go to the beach for a few days. ;) Carianne and I ran the other night and had to walk twice during our 1.5 mile route. Just keep chugging. There is a half marathon in Santa Barbara in November I think. Maybe that could be a goal for next year. You could work up to the 10k. We have a lovely one in May.

    Good luck staying cool.

  3. Hey = I check it every day and feel bad when there is nothing to read.

  4. I read your blog! But I'm pretty much always logged in so it isn't a big deal. I've decided I am anti running, I don't like to sweat and I need a pool. That would be good exercise.
    Yay for stucco!

  5. Thanks, you guys. I didn't mean for this to be a plea for comments. But hey, if it worked...lol. Glad to know some one is reading. I don't know why I care, really, but I kind of figured I just bored every one to death and now I have no "friends."
    David- you crack me up.
    Grandma- I'm calling you today.
    Jen- I forgot to add Carianne! I just checked. Dangit. Tell her she is added today.
    Cori- Walmart has a decent pool for $260. Don't know if it would stand up to your boys, but it could be all yours. Just yours.
    Carla- I'm not sure the heat is the problem. I think it's because I love junk food.

  6. Karrie, love that you are violent, to protect your kiddos!

  7. I read it to..... Just so you know Tee Tee