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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beach Day

On Friday the 10th the girls, our sitter Emily, and I went on a day trip to Cayocus and Morro Bay. The boys were camping. It was HOT. So, we left!

We started in Cayucos, which was more crowded than usual. Then we hit Morro Bay, where we rented a canoe and paddled our way across the bay. That was a little scary on the way, because a canoe tips over easier than a sit on top kayak. We did great though, and Kacy did not have a nervous breakdown. Almost, but not quite. Kacy is a very cautious girl. A wobbly canoe in the bay with seals and a map that said "Shark Inlet" did not help her feel better. She was in front of Jessie and would ask her, "Are you holding still? I can't see you. You need to hold still." She also had a death grip on the sides of the canoe. When we got to the sand dunes she jumped out and outstretched her arms while yelling, "Land! Sweet land!" She was more relaxed on the way back, after her confidence in us grew. Jessie just hung out, looking around. I will admit I was nervous a bit, with our PDF's on we wouldn't drown, but holy moley...that water was murky and it would've been a long swim to either side with two hysterical girls. Good thing we were FINE!

Later, we met up with my grandma, mom, Kristin, Caley, and Kendra and ate dinner at the Sea Shanty. Yummy!


  1. What a fun time! On the 11th there was a multi-stake card board boat challenge in Cayucos. An actual canoe sounds better than a card board boat. ;)

  2. You are adventurous. I'm totally with Kacy- shark inlets in a rocky canoe? No thank you!

  3. We had PDF's on? It's PFD's! Oh my goodness.