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Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am taking a break from what I was doing...and now I'm doing this.

So, here is what I know:

* I called a child psychologist. She hasn't called me back yet. (It's only been an hour.) Will is almost 8. I probably should have taken him ages and ages ago, but with my Child Development/Psychology background, I have tried my best to help him at home with his quirkiness. I could write a whole book on the boy, and he might be a chapter in my book someday. Basically, I have suspected Will to be on the autism spectrum since he was about a year old. Knowing there is no real "cure" for his behaviors, I have done what I can at home to make him more "normal." Home speech/communication help, home socialization (so painful!), got his hearing and speech tested, home emotional control help... all things to help him at home. He has outgrown several behaviors, and he is improving. Or is he? Some of his toodlerhood quirks are turning into childhood quirks...any way, it's time to get him checked out because I admit I have hit a road block.  So, off to see someone who can help me help him. Crossing fingers.

*I quit 4-H. I was putting way more into it than I got out of it...for three years. When the kids can actually show animals, we will go back. (They actually could right now, except we aren't ready, property-wise).

*House is almost done, of course. Hasn't it almost been done for a year or more now?

*Jessie is so bored at home with me. We might drive each other nuts. She wants to be in school so bad. Right now she is taking pictures with my iPhone on her own camera app that makes things all funky.

*Was looking up some county recording stuff about my property and some local history. Weird stuff.

*Thinking about making puppies. Pearl would be the mom, of course. Need to find a small blue ACD who is smart to breed her with. That's going to be harder. Wonder if we found a red one, what would that look like? I think if you mix colors some are red and some are blue, but no 'tweeners.

*I need to go to the store for some more hair gel. Is that strange? Ryan and I cannot go out in public without hair gel. And my favorite kind, after years and years of trying different products? LA Looks, the blue kind. I know, right? With all the fancy stuff out there, that cheap blue crap works the best in my hair.

*Have an update on Ryan: The po-po have more info on his shooting. So here is what I've heard: A guy was arrested that knew about the shooting. He wasn't involved, exactly. He knew it was going to go down and was listening to a police scanner in Lamont that night. So, apparently there was this guy. Let's give him a name, like Bob. So Bob (who might be the guy who they eventually arrested...have no clue, and don't really care about this detail) was in our valley looking to kill another guy. Let's call that guy Doug. Because it rhymes with drug. Doug is a local drug dealer who stiffed his suppliers some money. So Bob was up here for several weeks looking for Doug, so he could kill him. The suppliers, who are mad at Doug and hired Bob, need a name. I can't call them what I call them in my head, because that would tarnish my goodie-two shoes image and we can't have that happen, can we? Let's call them Stooges. Like, the Three Stooges. Because they are stupid and I don't understand them. Any way, Stooges come up to help Bob out, because Bob was not getting the job done. So, they come up, can't find Doug either, and decide to smoke a cop to send Doug and their other dealers a message. So, they can't find a cop either (Hello, rural valley at night!), start to drive back to Bakersfield, and lo and behold, they see a CHP officer on the side of the road on the way out of town. That's when Ryan's story starts. You already know that part. Arrested guy (again, could be Bob, I can't remember) is a parolee at large and is back in prison. He gave up the street names and cell phone numbers of the Stooges.
One month later, a guy is arrested in connected with a marijuana grow. We will name him Vanilla. He, too, knows about the shooting. What he knows is the street names of the Stooges. He also knows that Ryan killed the shooter, and also hit a FOURTH person in the car (who is alive). Vanilla has since been deported by ICE. (Get it? Vanilla Ice?)
Supposedly, all people involved are not in the area any longer. 
Lesson: DO NOT ever get in a shoot out with Ryan. Just don't. He will shoot you dead. A talent I am extremely pleased with, because I get to eat dinner with him tonight and he can still help me raise our kids because of it. Also, in an end of the world situation, I will be fat with meat...and have awesome leather shoes...but I digress.

Because of this new info, I am mighty tempted to make my blog public again. This is something I don't know though. Not sure yet.


  1. Granny Sorensen sure loved reading your blogs good thing she wasn't here when that all happened with Ryan. I love reading your blog you must have got you writing habits from your Dad. You should write a book it would be a seller :)

  2. I agree that you should write a book. Maybe once you make your blog public and gain a big readership. I'm glad that Ryan is a great shot.

  3. It sounds like you have been doing everything a specialist would have told you to do, but it is nice to have a name to go with the behaviors, and the help that comes with it.
    Your names are much nicer than what Danny calls those guys. At our ward 4th of July breakfast, someone asked him about Ryan's shooting, and his name for them came right out of his mouth. With a member of the stake presidency standing right behind him. I am glad information is slowly coming to light.