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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hobby Day- Taking Pictures

Today I took my camera out. I stopped at a few spots after dropping the kids off at school. Here goes nothing!
 I framed the barn within the tree, fence, and other building. Clever, eh? Just like I knew what I was doing!

An old shed.
 Cool! I looked down and there was a dead raccoon!

The cool Old Truck I saw.
Same truck!


  1. Those are all cool. Except the raccoon. :)

  2. Thanks. Sometimes I think I have potential to be artistic in this way. Sometimes. Mostly I think, "I'll be happy with ONE picture I like." I'm VERY critical of myself.

  3. Very cool. I like that truck. If I was you I might take my kids back and take some pictures of them crawling all over it. The raccoon is gross, but that's just life!