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Monday, September 17, 2012

Honey Badger Don't Care!

Kacy's teacher caught up with me today and apologized for not being to talk with us on Back to School Night. I assured her it was fine because we split early to go to the rest of the kids' rooms. She said she wanted to meet my husband (which is good because if she had already met him it would have been because of a ticket or something). She told Kacy that, and Kacy told her, "It's okay. My dad just wanted to see the stuffed beaver anyway. He said the only thing cooler would be if you had a stuffed honey badger."

It's an inside joke.

After explaining about the honey badger, I also explained that Ryan really just hates coming to the school because he recognizes people that he has arrested both recently and in the past. He always hopes they don't recognize him in return.


  1. He just got bit by a cobra. He don't care. He's just gonna take a little nap.