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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Peaches Have Butt Cracks, Too.

A couple of days ago, Kacy and Jessie were playing school. They are at the perfect age for this; Kacy is 9 and Jessie is 4.

Kacy comes out to the kitchen just giggling to herself. She says, "Mom! Guess what Jessie just said?!?"

Cautiously, I ask her what she said. You just never know what your youngest is going to say.

"I was teaching Jessie how to spell the word 'peach,' and she said 'Oh ya, the fruit with the butt crack in it. And plums and cherries also have them, too!'"

Then Kacy just started giggling again, and she walked away shaking her head and mumbling something about Jessie and fruit and butt cracks and how silly she is.

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