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Monday, September 10, 2012

Shopping with Granny

On Friday, Jessie and I went to visit my grandma. It was her 89th birthday! Happy Birthday, Grandma!

All she wanted to do was go grocery shopping. 

We can do that. 

The best part of shopping with "granny" and Jessie? 

They both have severe sweet teeth. Sweet "toothes?" I don't know... they both love cookies and donuts and baked goods and ice cream. So, granny's cart got filled up with a lot of extras. I'm not sure she told Jessie "no" for any sweet item she found. 

Loved it.

And, Jessie now has her own stash at Granny's. She asked if we could go there today because when we were visiting yesterday for the September birthdays, she forgot to get some rolly-pollies (how on earth do you spell that?). And, she needed a cookie.

Birds of a feather, those two.

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