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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


  • Today we went to my favorite Walmart. That was boring. So was Home Depot. But on the bright side of things, our trips to the Home Depot (or Lowe's or any other hardware store) are so few and far between even the kids asked if we could go visit. It's sad that they feel totally at home in Home Depot. (PS- They should totally hire me. Any department but the garden department. I would be all, "Oh those things without the stickers/UPC code? Those are 3" mini louvers for horizontal vent pipes for PVC drainage of propane when propane is piped upstairs and then is turned into gas at the tankless hot water heater site, where if it leaks the propane molecules in their gaseous state will fall down the pipe and exit the house because those molecules weigh more than air." And then I would get fired for talking too much. 
  • I picked up the kids from school, and as we went in the office to get Jessie a stamp on her hand, Ed was in there. So, I say, "Ed, why are you in here?" And Mrs. A, the fill-in secretary says, "Oh, he had a little problem." To which I say, "WHAT DID YOU DO." And she says he had a bloody nose. And since he wouldn't change into some clean shorts she had given him (he said they didn't fit), and he was a heck of a bloody mess, he just hung out with her and the VP for a bit. VP came out and said she had never seen so much blood come out of a kid's nose before. She's been teaching a LONG time, too. I went to his class to get his back pack, and his teacher said, "You should have seen it! That was the most blood I've seen come out of a kid's nose! I'm still cleaning it off his chair." She looked down and had a little blood on her hands still. I said, "Eww." and she said, "Oh just wait. See the foam noodles over there? [I look at the pool noddles on the table.] See that short pink one? Well, we were outside playing 'Mosquito' with them [whatever that is...PE game] and a boy comes back from the bathroom and the pink one is lots shorter. I find out he cut it. So I send him back to go get it. It comes back wet. Another boy tells me it's wet because they stuck it in a toilet. So I get grossed out. Then another boy tells me, 'Oh yeah, and he peed on it, too.'"  (Bonus: Ed was not involved in said vandalism of the pool noodle. Sweet!)
  • I did not eat healthy. I had a Sourdough Jack and curly fries from Jack in the Box. It was yummy.
  • I made a list for Walmart, but since I forgot to put something on my list, I forgot to buy it. And here I was all proud of myself for making a list and remembering to bring it with me. 
  • Kacy made a chart of the things she is teaching Jessie, and what month and day they will be learning it. She has the fall planned out until Christmas, and she said after Christmas she will plan the spring because she wants to see where Jessie is. All I know is Mondays are alphabet days, Tuesdays are numbers and math... we will see if Jessie puts up with her! I love it.

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