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Friday, April 26, 2013

A Recap of the Week

I have to say, this week has FLOWN BY. Where did the time go?

We got a drip system put on our many, many trees. This saves me about 6 hours a week of watering time...time I did not have before.

The boys went to the eye doctor on Monday, and both see really well. Whew! Kacy got her new glasses yesterday. She is super excited.

Kacy gave a power point presentation on Mission Santa Ines. (Note to self: blog that, sister.) She did a great job, and while I used my laptop to put the pictures in and type up a few titles, she chose the pictures and wrote her own note cards. No child is allowed to touch my computer! I felt really, really bad though. Why? Because I went to see it, and several other kids did the extra credit project as well. Kacy was the only one who went to her place (over achiever!!!). Another kid did a report/model of the Carmel mission. When his teacher asked if he thought he might visit there, he said, "No, our car can't make it that far." Now, I know I am blessed to drive a falling apart Mazda that gets good gas mileage, and it isn't falling apart that badly. We were able to take a trip with the kids. Sure, we packed lunch snacks, but we were able to afford the gas, the late lunch/early dinner at a restaurant, etc. Kacy was able to GO and DO. If I could take all the kids to see a mission, or Death Valley, or whatever it was they were studying, I totally would. I can see the disparity in education already. Kacy has opportunities that other kids don't have. Most of the kids in her class will struggle. They are missing out. That's not fair. But then I think: Life isn't fair, last time I checked. However, with my professional background, I just can't help but think that if more parents made their kids a priority, and found things to help their brains grow, school would be a better place. I don't know where this is going... all I know is that I felt awful. Almost like a snot, because we were able to schedule a trip. It was a reminder that I should be grateful for what I have.

On that note, music class is going well, I think. Mindi and I have fun doing it, and I cannot begin to express how satisfying it was a couple of weeks ago to see the kids READING MUSIC. All of them. Reading rhythm on a staff, complete with eighth notes, quarter notes, and quarter note rests. They are learning things like bluegrass, blues, classical, romantic, baroque, metronome, allegro, presto, adagio, beat, tempo, rythym, staff, treble, bass, signature, measure, different instruments... plus their singing is getting better. They are catching on faster and faster. We split the time between singing and rhythm. We have a field trip scheduled in May to take the K-4 to the high school and hear their music program. I'm looking forward to it. The best part is the way the kids look forward to Friday afternoons. Some of them just love it.

Hi, my name is Karrie, and I am a dieting failure. Oh, yes. Yes I am. So I quit. I am instead looking at this awesome weather we are having and I am loving it. I am going outside more. Moving my body a little more. That is the key for me. Movement.

I am SO looking forward to summer vacation. Let the countdown begin!

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