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Monday, April 22, 2013

Simon Says Master

It is fascinating to watch the kids take their turns at playing Simon Says, and being in charge. Personality traits just shine through! For example:

Kacy is so preoccupied with being the best Simon that she she takes FOREVER to think of an action and commit to it.

Jessie is not a good listener, so she didn't get a chance to be Simon. (Sorry, honey. This mom doesn't award mediocrity. Maybe next time...)

Ed is fascinated with "Do the Disco!" when he is Simon. Single disco, double disco, disco to the left, disco to the right...it goes on and on. That's what the kids are doing in the picture. The "double disco."

But Ed is nothing compared to Will. You do NOT want to play Simon Says with Will. His first command was, "Simon says, Use your foot as a cell phone!" It was MOST entertaining to watch the kids try to put a foot to an ear. Turns out Jessie is the only one who can!

By the end, he had the kids scratching their heads, tapping their elbow, rubbing their belly (with their elbow), all while doing the Cha Cha. He's like a Simon Says evil genius.

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