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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Us Girls

We took this picture because we are one rockin' girls club. I love my girls! Kacy brought home these sparkly sequined headbands, and we modeled them for the camera.
Kacy is so awesome. She is definitely entering that middle school awkward phase. She's a little clumsy. She vacillates between being a child and having moments of "almost adulthood." I love that she has some confidence in herself, and that she doesn't really care about what others think. She still gets really good grades, and she still loves to create stuff. 
Jessie is a kick in the pants. She is hilarious and seems quite grown-up (sometimes). She has a good perception of people. The other day the three older kids were doing something that I can't remember, and Kacy said, "Jessie you can't do that. You aren't old enough." Jessie very quickly shot back, "OH YES I AM!" with her hand on her hip. She didn't even hesitate. 

My girls are so different from each other. But, they get along, and we have great times together. 

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