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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Girls' Night Out

This last weekend, the boys went camping on a "Father-Sons" camp-out. Kacy, who has never been tent camping, was not happy about it. I tried to tell her that technically, we camped for 7 of her 9 years of life in the trailer, but she wasn't having that. So while the boys went camping in the mountains, we girls packed up some stuff and headed to the mountains, too.

We packed up my tent, a change of clothes, and some snacks, and off we went. We camped at Cedar Creek campground, right off Hwy 155 between Wofford Heights and Glennville, CA. We got there a bit late, set up camp, started a fire, and sat around. I asked the girls what they wanted to talk about, and Jessie says, "Make-up." Kacy and I just laugh, and Jessie replies, "What? We are girls, and girls talk about make up and stuff." We played 20 questions instead. 

We went to bed too early for my tastes, right after we played Uno and Go Fish. I tossed and turned most of the night, as is my regular first night away from my own bed routine. At 11:30 a car came into the campground. We were the only ones there until that time. I thought, "Who comes camping at 11:30 at night?" I just knew they were serial killers. And my only weapon was my shovel, which I had stupidly left by the fire ring. How was I supposed to whack them with my shovel if it was so far away? Their truck kept running, backing up and going forward for about 20 minutes. Then I thought for sure they were drunk serial killers. I got up out of my toasty sleeping bag and unzipped a window, and saw that they were fairly far away. Then, I got tired and decided to just go to sleep, and if they came to kill us, they came to kill us. Nothing I could do about it.

Turns out, the kind of person who pulls up at 11:30 at night at a desolate camping spot on the side of the road and runs their truck for 20 minutes is an older couple with a small trailer that they were trying to park in a level spot. Not serial killers.  

Next morning, we woke up, broke camp, and found our hiking trail! We went on the Unal Trail, and the trail head starts right across the street from the CalTrans sand shed on Hwy 155. The hike is a loop, 3 miles, not too bad! It has markers along the way, and if there had been brochures in the box at the start of the hike, we could have seen some cool sites through the eyes of the local Native American tribe, the Tabatalabul. But no, there were no brochures. So we guessed and speculated. I'd like to go again, but with some information in hand first. 

We did make it to Unal Peak, where there is a nice bench. There is also a stack of rocks next to the bench... with a Geocache box in it. 

All in all, the girls had the BEST TIME EVER and want to have a girls' night once a month. I think we might do thrift store shopping for our next one.

But only because I had a breakdown before church on Sunday with "I have nothing to wear!" and Ryan said, "You had the chance to have a girls' night, and you could have shopped. You are the one who went camping instead of shopping." True, true. But I like camping, and hate shopping, so is it even a choice here? 


  1. Yes, that's cool! I would like to go camping too, but I lack time for it.

  2. That is so good to have your positive blog and watch your motherhood.