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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Not Going to Forget This Year!

May is a busy month for us. We have the end of the year usual stuff, just like everyone else. We also have a couple of birthdays! Last year, Kacy had turned 9, and Ed turned 6. I have no idea that we did anything for their birthdays. I can't really remember. We had a lot going on with the aftermath of Ryan's shooting: surgery and doctor's appointments and stuff.

But this year? Bring on the family documentation! Woot, woot!

Kacy turns 10 this Saturday, and she is SO EXCITED! Ed will be 7 ten days after that, and he is just so happy to have a birthday. I'm excited to have a house so I can bake them a cake. I am also going to do a little decoration of the house for them. I want them to feel celebrated and wanted, and I want to know that we love having them in our family.

Last night at the dinner table Kacy said, "So, at this time ten years ago, you were at the hospital getting ready to have me, right?" Ryan just laughed, and I looked at her in horror. "No WAY! Three days in the hospital? No way. I was in there with you the longest though."

Can you imagine having to stay in the hospital that long to have a kid? I know some women who have, or worse, have their babies stay in while they go home... my hats off to you guys! I was fortunate enough to get in on time and leave as soon as possible. Hate those darn hospital beds. And the food. And the noises at night. No wonder new moms are so tired after coming home from the hospital! It's not the having a baby part, it's the lack of sleep due to the environment! Seriously.

Anyway, back to my grown babies: I've got two birthdays coming up, and I need to get a few little things to make them feel special. I'm thinking streamers and balloons, and a homemade cake. That, I can do.

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