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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Scare a Beggar. Oops.

Has it been that long since I've blogged already? I'm no good at this stuff!

Today I scared a beggar. I think "beggar" is the right word. He wasn't a hobo, or homeless. He had access to a fairly nice car (looked like it ran, and was in good shape). I'm going with "beggar."  Here's what happened:

I had just got done spending a small fortune for groceries at Von's, one of the most expensive places to buy food for a family of six. On top of the cost, I ended up bagging my own groceries, because no bagger was around, and Ed (the cashier who said he was having a "blessed day") wasn't doing it. That's probably why his day was blessed... he wasn't working that hard. Now, I'm used to bagging my own groceries at my favorite stores, but I pay less and it's a good trade. Anyway, as I'm loading groceries into my car, Dude comes up to me carrying a little gas can and a new soda from the gas station. He MUMBLES something about coming here to shop, and can I spare something for gas... and I looked at him, took a step forward, cutting him off,  and said "I just bought groceries for my four kids..." and before I could say another word, he backed away and started walking across the parking lot. I finished mumbling like a crazy lady as he walked away, and I noticed he got into the passenger seat of a car in the middle of the parking lot, talking to his friend, the driver.

I can honestly say that I didn't even feel guilty for not giving him the dollar in my pocket. Ever since a hobo at the Taco Bell, Downtown Bakersfield, got up into my personal space and made me feel like I was in danger, I have been skeptical of all people asking for money.

Moral of the story: The Downtown Taco Bell hobo forever hardened the soft spot I had for beggars, and Vons makes me grumpy.

I will add a few bucks onto my charitable offerings this month to make up (hopefully) the difference. I will also work on my soft spot for beggars. But until then, all beggars beware. I will NOT appreciate being approached in my personal space any longer. You come up too close to me, I will attack, first with my words.

Oh, shoot! I just had to add another few bucks to my charitable giving. Dang it! I'm pretty sure this is not how it works...

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