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Friday, August 30, 2013

Off Road Fun- 1979 Bronco

I have to say, I LOVE MY NEW TOY. 

It's more than a toy though. My Bronco is the key to family togetherness. Well, one key, anyway. 

The other day, since all the kids are in school, Ryan and I jumped in the thing and we drove up a local pass. If you squint really, really hard, you might see our house in the background. My Bronco can HANDLE it. Whatever it is. 

Now, to get rid of that pesky vapor lock problem when it's hot and idle for too long... and the fact that it gets 9 mpg. But maybe that's good, because if it got better, it would so be my daily driver. So much style in that thing, compared to my Mazda. So much fun! It's a different way of driving, even on road. You take nothing for granted, and are a more active participant in the driving experience. The kids love it, of course. They get jealous when they find out we took it out without them.

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