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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Awesome Night's Sleep

Alright. So I'm not all daisies in the spring time, documenting only the insanely brilliant things my kids do. I am going to share that last night, I hit a stress high point, brought on by the fact that my two boys do not listen to what I say. I told them to pick up their Lego mess and they BOTH gave me attitude and started chucking Lego's around with a scowl. Really?!? This was the last straw on the "I have to constantly monitor you anytime I ask you to do ANYTHING because you don't do it when I ask" camel's back. This camel can't take anymore of my boys' supposed disrespect and laziness. That's how I perceive it. Sure, they have some "shiny things" attention problems. Me: Clean up your Lego mess. Them: Let's lay on the floor as soon as she leaves and play with Legos instead! Me: Hang up your bath towel. Them: Let's not remember to do that this year either. Me: Why are these dirty clothes shoved into the corner of the closet? Them: Someone else did that.

I tell the girls to do the same thing, and they at least attempt it. The boys don't even make the effort. Rude.

So I told the boys I am no longer their mother. No hugs, no kisses, no meals, no clean clothes, nothing. If they can't treat me with respect and do what I ask them to do to help make their room habitable, then they don't need me for anything. I turned off their light right after I packed up the Lego mess myself and put the tub in the attic.

This morning I did not forget. Ed didn't either. Will appeared like he didn't care. They asked what was for breakfast, and I told them they would have to ask their mom, who wasn't me. The meltdown ensued. They were sent back to their room, where they were told that I would return in an hour, and that if it was cleaned the right way, and the clothes I washed for them were put away the right way, and they apologized, I would let them pack into my pack. They cleaned while I put myself into time out for an hour. After the hour was up, we had another little chat. I fed them breakfast. I told them that I loved them, but that they cannot be disrespectful when I tell them to do something.

And all night long, maybe because I had a carb filled dinner, or maybe because of the boys, or maybe because of everything else, I slept horribly. Every worry and concern I have right now visited me in some twisted way in my dreams. Everything. Which makes me think I worry too much, have too many too many things going on, or that ice cream and waffles are not a good dinner to eat.


  1. I once took the garage push broom to the lego mess in my boys room... and then tossed them all, and banned them from my house forever. (That actually lasted about 8 years) Not my finest mothering moment, and I don't think they learned anything. I am impressed with your follow thru, talking and explaining your expectations after you have their attention is a pretty amazing way to handle it all :)

  2. Raising kids can be really difficult, especially when it comes to punishing them to teach them a lesson and instead you are the one who spend sleepless nights worrying about your mothering.