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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crazy Days

In the past of my blogging life, "Crazy Days" usually meant I was going crazy. Like, almost literally. The mental insanity has eased up quite a bit (yay for a real house and four children who are a little older now!). But man, these past few months have been crazy busy, and I'm ready to just chill. But I am afraid that I may never get to chill, and that I should just embrace it! Actually, there a few things I'm doing that will go away soon.

You see, for a whole year (like exactly) I was the Stake Young Women's Secretary, taught relief society, and was Will's Den leader. (I was two of those things, and the program maker for the year before that.) Anyway, being "just the secretary" was a lot of work, which was fine. But in July we had Girl's Camp stuff. And in August and September we had Tri-Stake Youth Conference. I was in charge of the work shops, communications between stakes, keeping everyone organized, scheduling, etc. I totally slept for two hours the night before...I was that stressed. It was all good, though. The next day, I was released from that calling and was asked to be the Primary President. Well, hello kick in the pants with no rest for YOU! Lol. We all know what happens in our ward in October: Primary program, Halloween party (primary in charge), we had a baptism right off the bat, stake leadership training meeting, start up of scouts, a pack meeting with the arrow of light ceremony (with no cubmaster, by the way)... and it's been a whirlwind and I'm beat. We are getting some calls made though, because as much as I want to say, "I can be the scout committee chairperson, cubmaster, den leader, pianist, and Primary President!" I found out I can't. Not very well, anyway. The Bishopric is aware though, and they are being so good about it. In the mean time, I feel like it's been a little bit of a "Karrie Show" and I'm ready to bow out for a few minutes.

That, and the normal school board, music program, curriculum writing project, other secret project, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping miles away, a sick granny...my desire to exercise a bit to ward off the winter fatties...

That, and the normal husband and kid stuff... my brain is not very quiet.

Am I feeling burnt out? No.

Out of balance? No.

Like I have a full plate and can't take on any more? Yes. I have hit my max and have to now say "no" to extra stuff.

So, thank-you for reading to the end of my "dumping it all out there" post about these crazy days. Hopefully when my kids read this later (like in their teens/adult like) they will feel like I put them second. SECOND YOU SAY? Yes...Ryan actually comes first, even if it doesn't seem like it all the time. (Hello, child interruptions into the middle of my conversations!) Ryan and I have to live together for a long time, so I'm all about making that a priority. Even when it's hard. Like last night, when I got back from the hospital from visiting my grandma who had another stroke. It was 8:00pm and I was EXHAUSTED, so I went to bed. He stayed up watching TV or something. But guess what? I feel great today, doing that reverse sleeping in thing I did...you see, if you go to bed early enough, and still wake up at 6:00am, it's almost like sleeping in! Tonight we have plans to put the kids to bed and then stay up and watch Red Dawn. One of his favorites from his youth.

Okay, enough of this stuff. I have exactly 2.5 hours before I go and get the kids from school. It's an early release day and parent teacher conferences.

*Question of the day: Why do I not blog/take photos anymore?
*Answers of the day: I do not have a photo editing program anymore, I never remember to haul my camera around, I am lazy, I have too many other things to do... I have some real and made up excuses!

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